Kate Hayter

Patients may be acutely aware of the ‘stress load’ that each day brings but more often than not they are unaware that these stresses are building and causing physiological changes in their body. These unresolved stresses can and do manifest as physical pain and other symptoms. The most common of these symptoms are Headaches, Neck Pain and Back Pain.

  • Sports injuries
  • Dance related issues
  • Rehabilitation
  • Working with the special needs of women


BSc, Masters. Med. Research, Masters Chiro. Chiropractor


Macquarie University
Masters of Chiropractic, Chiropractic
2013 – 2015

Macquarie University
Graduate Diploma of Chiropractic Science
2013 – 2013

Griffith University
Masters of Medical Research, Biomedical Science
2007 – 2013

Griffith University
Masters of Medical Research, Biochemistry
2010 – 2012

Griffith University
Bachelor of Exercise Science
2007 – 2010

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