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Coronavirus Information

STOP! Is your booking today to discuss Coronavirus or a worry about potential contact with Coronavirus?
Please do not attend the surgery > ring 13health (13 43 25 84) or visit their website: and search on “Corona”

STOP! Have you or your family been to these areas in the last 14 days OR had contact with someone who has?
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea or Iran.
IF YES and you are experiencing fever as well as sore throat, coughs or sneezes (within 14 days of your return or contact),
DO NOT ENTER THE SURGERY - please present immediately to the Gold Coast Hospital fever clinic (7am to 9pm). A nurse stationed at Accident and Emergency will direct you on what to do. Please wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth if you have one and avoid travelling by public transport if you don’t.

STOP! Do you have flu like symptoms but have NOT travelled to the above locations or been in close contact with someone who has?
On arrival please immediately put on a mask covering your nose and mouth and use anti-bacterial hand-gel (kept on our front desk). Please check in via Reception (not via the kiosk screens). Please touch as little as possible and try and sit away from others, especially the children, pregnant and elderly.

General Hygiene and Infection control tips:

  • If you are coughing and sneezing wash your hands regularly and cough and sneeze in to a tissue.
  • If you don’t have one, use your sleeve or elbow.
  • If you are well, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eye or mouth after touching external objects (eg waiting room magazines, shopping trolley handles, rails on stairs etc)
  • Anti-bacterial hand-gel is handy where you are unable to wash your hands.
  • Try and keep at least a metre distance from someone who is unwell where you can.

Diabetic Patients

For our Diabetic Patients who need more information regarding Coronavirus please visit the
Diabetes Australia website

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