Maternity and Child Health

Maternity and Child Health

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of children’s medical services including:

  • baby well checks, feeding, fussiness or sleeping issues, vaccinations
  • allergies and eczema concerns
  • asthma and respiratory issues
  • recurrent ear infections
  • general developmental - including growth, weight, hearing, visual, behavior, speech, weight management, nutritional assessments and skin (including acne). 
  • 4 year old healthy kids check 

Childhood vaccines

DTPa (boostrix) – free for new patients or those in direct contact with baby under 6 months. Can have whilst pregnant. Private patients Dr will give a script for vaccine to purchase from a pharmacy.

pneumococcal vaccine - An updated pneumococcal vaccine is now available to help protect babies and children against serious pneumococcal disease (such as meningitis, septicaemia and pneumonia). Certain diseases such as pneumococcal meningitis can result in long-term disability or death and it is important to protect your children against this. As part of a Government – funded program, a single supplementary dose of the updated vaccine will be provided FREE to most children who are 12-35 months old. To be eligible, your child must not have already received the new vaccine, or an alternative. The vaccine will also be provided free to babies through the National Immunisation Program.

Pregnancy, Antenatal and Postnatal Care

At Surfers Health Medical Centre we are able to do urine pregnancy tests at time of consultation. On confirmation of pregnancy we discuss the steps necessary to plan you Antenatal Care.
We are able to provide shared Antenatal Care with the Gold Coast University Hospital and also the Tweed Heads Hospital. A shared antenatal record is completed by the GP and Hospital and it is important to bring this to each visit.

When booking your appointment please inform Reception that an antenatal consultation is required.


Oo La La Cosmetic

Oo La La Cosmetic Laser Clinic - Skin, Laser, Cosmetic & Beauty Services Gold Coast

Just some of our services:

  • Dermatological, advanced laser and rejuvenation technologies
  • Injectables and anti-wrinkles cosmetic services

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