Acquired Resilience. What is it? How do you get it?

Medical scientist Professor Jonathan Stone is the former executive director of the Bosch Institute, Australia’s leading medical research institute.

He has spent many years researching what he says is his theory of acquired resilience and how stresses of the environment – including plant toxins, radiations (sunlight, ultraviolet and infrared), intermittent fasting and exercise – tend to increase our tissue resilience and reduce morbidity and delay mortality.

Professor Stone also talks about how research seems to suggest that regularly consuming curcumin and saffron may help to upregulate our body tissues and make them more resilient to diseases.

Surfers Health Medical Centre health and wellness writer Suvi Mahonen caught up with him recently:

To see a list of Professor Stone’s published articles go to Google Scholar:…

Suvi Mahonen is a Surfers Paradise-based journalist. Her work appears in The Australian, the Australian QuarterlyMamamia and other health and lifestyle publications. Follow her on FacebookYouTube and online art-selling platform Redbubble.

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