2022 Free Flu Vaccine

When Can I have the 2022 Flu Vaccine?

The 2022 seasonal flu vaccine is now available at Surfers Health Medical Centre.

Do I need the flu vaccine this year? 

Immunising against the influenza virus saves lives and helps lower the risk of diagnostic uncertainty between the flu and COVID-19. Learn how to protect yourself against the flu virus.

Should I prioritise the flu shot over COVID-19 vaccine? 

Unless you are eligible for the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, it’s important to prioritise the flu vaccine when it arrives at Surfers Health Medical Centre. This includes families with children. If you are bringing your children in for vaccination, please do this during the day. Children need to be monitored for a reaction at the medical centre for 10 minutes after receiving their vaccination and at home by their caregivers afterwards. 

Who is eligible for the free flu shot? 

All age groups can receive the flu vaccine at Surfers Health Medical Centre. This includes those aged 6 to 64 as well as the government-funded vaccine for at-risk groups, including children aged between six months and five years and those aged 65 years and over.

Is the flu shot free? 

At Surfers Health Medical Centre, you and your family can receive the flu vaccine for free*(conditions apply). Please speak with reception or our RN to see if you meet these conditions for your free vaccine.