Skin Checks

Skin Cancer Checks & Screening

You can book with our dedicated skin cancer GP’s at Surfers Health Medical Centre to have a full-body skin cancer check or a particular mole or lesion assessed.

Skin Checks

What is a skin cancer check?

During a full-body skin check, the skin is examined from head-to-toe, looking for suspicious lesions. If there is anything on your skin that looks abnormal or irregular, we take a closer look using a dermatoscope, to decide whether further investigations are needed. A dermatoscope can magnify the skin to analyse moles and lesions in much greater detail.

While skin cancer might be visible in the form of an abnormal mole, skin tag or blemishes can be lurking beneath the skin’s outer layer making it impossible for the human eye to detect.

What to expect at your skin check?

During a skin check, patients routinely strip down to underwear to allow the doctor to fully examine the skin. Abnormal moles and lesions can also be found in areas of the skin that are not regularly exposed to the sun and it’s important to let your doctor know if there are any suspicious moles underneath your underwear. Patients may request a nurse to be in the consultation and during the skin check. Please contact reception to request this when you book your appointment.

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