Skin Cancer Follow Up

Skin Cancer Follow up and Prevention

After treatment for skin cancer, you will need regular check-ups every 3-6 months to confirm the cancer hasn’t come back. People who have been diagnosed with skin cancer are at a higher risk of developing more skin cancers.

If your skin check was clear with no abnormal lesions found, our GP’s tend to suggest your next skin check be carried out every 12 months. Our practice will send you a reminder when your next skin check is due.

Skin Checks

If you notice a mole or lesion has changed, or there is something on your skin you are concerned about, it’s best to book an appointment immediately.

Future Prevention – Tips from your GP

It’s important to prevent further damage to your skin where possible to reduce the chance of developing more skin cancers.  Here’s our tip’s to help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure between 10am – 2pm  (the danger zone)
  • Wear sunscreen, hat and appropriate clothing
  • For Vitamin D, 15-20 minutes a day of incidental sun exposure is sufficient for most people. Preferably sun exposure should be outside of 10am-2pm.

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